Sells Defective Merchandise.

Sells Merchandise that may be Hazardous to Human Health.

Fails to Communicate to Customers after Reporting Problems.

Fails to Remedy even Serious Issues with Merchandise.


I purchased a love seat/recliner at the MOR Furniture store in Bakersfield California and recently contacted the company regarding the disintegration of the threads in the fabric after zero use.

The fabric that separates the Corduroy like-raised pile is disintegrating into almost airborne size particles which could be hazardous if inhaled. The larger particles are sharp enough to puncture the skin.

I sent an email to MOR and contacted the San Diego office by phone on 3/9 and spoke to a Representative named "Oscar" who asked me to send photos and said he would follow-up upon receiving them.

No follow up from Oscar or anyone else by phone or email. I sent another email to Oscar on 3/14 with no response. I called MOR in San Diego on 3/18 and spoke to a person by the name of "Hyman" who claimed to be a supervisor. He looked over the pictures and emails sent to Oscar and decided he would call the General Manager at the Bakersfield store and see what they wanted to do rather than making a decision at the corporate level. I received a call back from Hyman stating that because the furniture was sold "AS-IS," MOR is declining to credit, exchange, or refund regardless of the serious nature of the problem.

So, my advice, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this company. They will eventually be driven out of business like customers finally did to Levitz Furniture after years of consumer abuse.

I plan to send the photos and the story to the proper Local, State and Federal agencies e.g. Consumer Protection, etc. for them to follow up. I think the local Bakersfield News service might like some samples of the particles.

Hope this posting helps others.

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