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I was planning to purchase a wall unit for my TV setup and when I saw their ad yesterday morning, I decided to check them out. When I asked about the advertised "No Sales Tax" and "Free Delivery" promised in the ad, I was told that it only applied to purchases over $999 (mine was $400).

When I said that the exclusion was not mentioned in the ad, the salesman said that I neglected to read the fine print.

To my mind this is very misleading. I haven't seen the ad since so I can't say whether the disclaimer is there or not - but I can say that it is not easily seen.

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you really dont think there would be some kind of fine print? EVERYTHING nowadays has some kind of fine print.

its not misleading, its advertising. get a clue.


The add did say any free delivery with any purchase over $999! When I went there to buy my bedroom set in Miramar, I was told right away the financing specials and other promo's they had.

The rep was very polite and friendly. I do recommend them specially the rep "Comiar".

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